opengl support in wine

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Thu Dec 1 14:23:21 CST 2005

Stefan Dösinger wrote:

>Why do you want to hook GL functions? I consider this a hacky workaround for 
>bugs which should be fixed otherwise, but I might be wrong with this. The 
>only thing I know is a workaround for the fglrx driver, but for Wine, this 
>was fixed elsewhere.

I want to create fraps for linux. Using XShmGetImage() and friends is 
too slow. So my first
approach was to create a fullscreen opengl app and do glReadPixels(). 
But this performs
very badly when there are two opengl applications running at the same 
time (fps drops from
 >100 down to ~10).
So my last approach was to call glReadPixels() from the same opengl 
context (the same
opengl application). This is why I need to hook glXSwapBuffers(). Of 
course I could write a
whole with all the required functions, rename the real 
dlopen from my and propagate the function calls to 
the real opengl
implementation, then wine would dlopen (my library) and I could 
make whatever I
need in glXSwapBuffers(). But this is overkill!

Now what are my options besides modifying the wine source?


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