[dib.c] 3. Remove identity colormap changing for monochrome bitmaps

Oldrich Jedlicka oldium.pro at seznam.cz
Fri Dec 2 02:32:56 CST 2005

Hi again,

I did not find the problem, but I found different solution - for 

There is problem that with pixmap_depth we loose the color information - there 
can be workaround found for this (what I suggested in the second patch). I 
removed now all the pixmap_depth stuff (just to test it) and received what I 
expected - tests are running correctly (and some todos passed) and the game 
Neighbours from Hell is also working correctly - I know that this doesn't 
mean that it is the correct way to do it.

So there are two ways:
* Find a solution with monochrome bitmaps
* Change monochrome bitmaps to use pixmap_depth=screen as other DIBs

Any hint - which way to go? I think I do not have time during the weekend, so 
I will probably look at it next week on Monday.

Used patch for "colored" monochrome bitmaps is attached.



Dne Thursday 01 of December 2005 18:37 Alexandre Julliard napsal(a):
> Oldrich Jedlicka <oldium.pro at seznam.cz> writes:
> > This fixes colors in monochrome bitmaps that were overwritten by identity
> > colormap every time.
> >
> > Changelog:
> >
> > * Remove the identity color map overwriting on all monochrome bitmaps
> This breaks the tests:
> bitmap.c:399: Test failed: lower left pixel is 00ff00ff
> bitmap.c:400: Test failed: bottom but one, left pixel is 0000ff00
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