Debugging winelib apps in Eclipse

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Sat Dec 3 01:12:50 CST 2005

Michael Ost wrote:
> Does anyone know how to set up Eclipse to debug winelib applications? 
> I tried just replacing 'gdb' with 'winedbg' on the "Debugger" tab on the
> "Debug" window. After Eclipse says "Launching..." there is an error that
> says "Process terminated." 
> After reviewing the winelib debug docs, I found that there is a --gdb
> switch to winedbg so I added that as a "C/C++ Program Argument" on the
> "Arguments" tab of the same window... a long shot, and it didn't work.
> This is on Fedora Core 4, with Eclipse 3.1 (yum updated from the 3.1M6
> version that comes with FC4), and with the wine 0.99.2 FC4 rpm.
> Any leads? Thanks ... mo

I'd rather set the debugger name to winedbg --gdb instead of winedbg. If 
you use the C++ pgm args, the final command line will be:
	winedbg myapp.exe --gdb
instead of
	winedbg --gdb myapp.exe
Eric Pouech

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