Make check failure

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Sun Dec 4 08:07:01 CST 2005

Michael Jung wrote:
> Hi,
> On Sunday 04 December 2005 04:35, James Hawkins wrote:
>>On 12/3/05, Dustin Navea <speeddymon at> wrote:
>>>make[3]: Entering directory `/home/speeddy/wine/dlls/advapi32/tests'
>>>../../../tools/runtest -q -P wine -M advapi32.dll -T ../../.. -p
>>> crypt.c && touch crypt.ok
>>>crypt.c:710: Test failed: expected 234, got 0
>>I'll work on it when I get home.
> Just wanted to note that this only seems to happen if you run the test for the 
> first time with a pristine .wine directory. It succeeds for me if I run it a 
> second time.
> Bye,

Please see the take 2 email, as the same happened to me.

As a side note, the first time I ran it, the 2.6.14.x header capi.h 
wouldnt compile, but was found by configure..  The 2nd time, I had 
renamed that header so it wouldnt be found, and recompiled, and it 

Either way, whether that header caused it or not (which it seems it 
didnt now), it shouldnt fail the first time, and we need to figure out why.


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