Debugging winelib apps in Eclipse

Boaz Harrosh boaz at
Sun Dec 4 02:40:54 CST 2005

Michael Ost wrote:
> Does anyone know how to set up Eclipse to debug winelib applications? 
> I tried just replacing 'gdb' with 'winedbg' on the "Debugger" tab on the
> "Debug" window. After Eclipse says "Launching..." there is an error that
> says "Process terminated." 
> After reviewing the winelib debug docs, I found that there is a --gdb
> switch to winedbg so I added that as a "C/C++ Program Argument" on the
> "Arguments" tab of the same window... a long shot, and it didn't work.
> This is on Fedora Core 4, with Eclipse 3.1 (yum updated from the 3.1M6
> version that comes with FC4), and with the wine 0.99.2 FC4 rpm.
> Any leads? Thanks ... mo
There is no need to use winedbg for a winelib application. The only 
advantage for that is the heap-walk, thread-walk and other special 
winedbg commands that will be hard to reach from the GUI. The 
disadvantage is that it is not compatible enough and breaks the GUI.
Just use gdb it can understand all your symbols and wine's. What you 
need to do is run wine-kthread or wine-pthread directly. Check in your 
ps when you run a wine application what actually loads.

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