Why Steam fails

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Mon Dec 5 02:24:00 CST 2005

> Wow, thats really weird...I can also use steam without incident (I can
> even play Half-Life 2, 

... Half-Life 2 doesn't even run for me if I get Steam to start up.. it 
goes to fullscreen, and freezes the screen (without covering anything 
up). I am suspicious of hidden dialog boxes (like in GTA), but I haven't 
tried to investigate that problem in detail yet.

> the only issues I get are some intermittent sound
> lags.) Perhaps there's something wrong with your RAM? Have you tested
> any other apps that use about as much as Steam uses (about 200 MB max in
> my experience) on either WINE or native apps? 

Xorg? Warcraft 3? Gnome? KDE ? Doom 3?  I've had Half-Life 2 working 
back with Oliver's very first patch.. or with Cedega..

I think hardware problems with the RAM are highly unlikely. I've had 
plenty of those, and when your RAM is defective, nothing works - you get 
spurious kernel panics, and you  will find out that it's defective 
really soon.

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