Why Steam fails [VirtualAlloc]

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Mon Dec 5 03:23:39 CST 2005

>>> ...which doesn't happen in your test program as it doesn't use as 
>>> many. Remember that it takes only one page of memory sitting at the 
>>> wrong virtual memory address to divide the available contiguous 
>>> addresses in half. I would suggest playing around with the prelink 
>>> tool to put dynamic libraries in better positions in memory.
>> I can take a look, but this is a Fedora Rawhide machine, which should 
>> run prelink nightly.
> I found our mmap - reserve area handling to be problematic for
> low memory machines...
> You can try disabling it (just check libs/wine/mmap.c, mmap_init()
> and change the first #if to #if 0.)
Thanks for the suggestion, but it doesn't help. I don't think this is a 
low-memory machine - it has plenty of memory (1G + 512 swap),  and most 
if it is unused. The gnome resource monitor shows 30-40% usage, and it 
doesn't spike at all when steam is used.

I see some libraries didn't prelink in the log, so I'll try Rob's 
suggestion, and see if prelink helps things. I am not optimistic though 
- I've seen this problem for a long time...

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