DirectDraw over Direct3D

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Mon Dec 5 16:00:46 CST 2005

> Well, we can first stabilize D3D7 => WineD3D (which will already be quite a
> lot of work to first do and then polish) and then see if we move the 2D
> part too.
Moving both 2D and D3D7 at the same time would make the handling of D3D7 
surfaces easier. At the moment, I have overrides for 
IDirectDrawSurface->Lock / Unlock and IDirectDrawSurface->Blt which access 
the WineD3DSurfaces' memory instead of the DDraw surfaces'. If the whole 
DDraw functionality is moved, this could be solved nicer.

> And then we will need to rename it to something else ... if not merge it
> integrally into the X11DRV so that other DLLs (like the new Vista ones :-)
> ) would be able to do 3D accelerations :-)
Perhaps we should do that now, instead of adding extra work later. I think 
it's easier to make such changes 9 months before the Vista release instead of 
sometimes later, when users demand these functionalities.

Anyway, what are these dlls? I don't know much about Vista, I've only heard 
about 3D Desktop functionalities that apply to whole windows or window 
decorations. Is there anything new in the GDI area or is there any 
replacement for GDI(I think I've heard so)?

And what about .NET and Mono? I've just started reading an article about 
managed Direct3D. I guess Mono could use wines Direct3D too.

I'll show my current D3D7 -> WineD3D patch soon (today / tomorrow). It's far 
from being complete, and it's hardly working, but I'd like to ask for 
comments on the way it's going.


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