mounting versioning filesystems

Saulius Krasuckas saulius2 at
Wed Dec 7 05:30:27 CST 2005

Everybody hi there,

this may be a bit un(cor)related to Wine development, but I am stuck with 
choosing a way to mount some file versioning repository as a local FS.

I've found on the net following projects of that vein:

CvsFs   [1] 
Wayback [2]
CopyFS  [3]
GitFS   [4]

cvsfs and wayback was tested on my box, though I was unable to mount my 
simple CVS repository correctly even for reading.  wayback had some 
another issues.

Now I've hit two more projects: copyfs and gitfs.  Well, I know I should 
test them myself but if anyone was toying around such stuff, it would be 
interesting to hear a response about it.

My aim is to update a file in the repository every time my editor changes 
that file.  So far only copyfs does reads/writes, IMHO, and gitfs is still 
only for a reads. :-(

Is there any more FS layers which do r/w?

There is another related project that might be interesting for someone who 
debugs changes on binary files - that's LoggedFS [5].



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