shell32: Bind to correct drop target after drag scrolling

Michael Jung mjung at
Thu Dec 8 03:32:00 CST 2005


On Tuesday 06 December 2005 00:26, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> I don't really know what the right way is, I just know that faking
> mouse messages probably isn't it <g>

You were right (of course ;-) Attached is a small test application, which 
supports the bare minimum to get drag & drop running. It traces all calls to 
the IDropTarget interface to a listbox. As it turns out WinXP calls DragOver 
approx. every 200ms while the mouse hovers over a registered DropTarget 
window (This makes it really easy for drop-targets to implement 
drag-scrolling). In addition DragOver is called after one of the 
drag-modifier-keys (shift+ctrl) is pressed or released. Wine doesn't do 
neither yet.

Is there any sensible way to transform this into a unit test? Or do we have a 
repository for this kind of small test applications, which are hard to 
implement as unit-tests?

Michael Jung
mjung at
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