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Biuro Fornet MK biuro at fornetmk.com
Fri Dec 9 23:33:12 CST 2005

Dear Sirs.

I represent Polish company. We start currently a project - kind of
computer helpdesk, where we advice (because of lot of reasons) moving
to Linux to our customners.

While they are in most cases very sceptic about this, your Wine makes
a great help for us. Unfortunately, the English language is still the
biggest barrier for Polish customers.

Thats why we would like to contribute to Wine development and
spreading a "good hope" :) in the way we can afford right now.

I would like to propose:
1. full translation of your WWW page to Polish, and setting this
"localisation" at our www host.server.
2. full translation - or help if anyone started, although i cant find
any note on your site - of Wine software: GUI/API/DOCS/help docs into
3. Support for Polish users of Wine; if commercial - divided
fifty/fifty with you - just to support this software.

We can provide for translations work a group of 2 ppl, having both
linguistic skills and Linux/IT knowledge, who can keep this project
going on without the risk of sudden break or cooperation cancell.

Unfortunately they cant do this project exclusively (they must do
company jobs) but we will do our best to supply all we propose.

Looking to hear from you - any time you can answer :)
Yours sincerely,
Marcin Kaskiewicz

ul. Tuwima 16,
90-003 Łódź POLAND
NIP: 726-226-70-21
REGON: 47 28 63 570
biuro at fornetmk.com

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