Why Steam fails [VirtualAlloc]

Rob Shearman rob at codeweavers.com
Sun Dec 11 12:36:42 CST 2005

Ivan Gyurdiev wrote:

> 3. Fedora default prelink flags are:
> # Options to pass to prelink
> # -m    Try to conserve virtual memory by allowing overlapping
> #       assigned virtual memory slots for libraries which
> #       never appear together in one binary
> # -R    Randomize virtual memory slot assignments for libraries.
> #       This makes it slightly harder for various buffer overflow
> #       attacks, since library addresses will be different on each
> #       host using -R.
> I haven't changed those... should I?

Remove the R option from above. That will cause you to have a VM layout 
with less gaps and more contiguous memory. If this still doesn't work, 
you will have to look at /proc/<pid>/maps to see why the address space 
is so fragmented.


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