workspace switching and fullscreen apps

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Sun Dec 11 14:08:28 CST 2005

When I switch from a fullscreen app (WoW) to another workspace, the 
screen is black for ~3 seconds, but switching back to the app happens 
instantly, no black screen or other delays. This doesn't happen with 
cedega and it didn't happen with wine from about a month ago.
I remember that when I switched from WoW to another workspace under 
gnome (metacity windows manager) the window was minimized and maximized 
about three or four times in a very short time (~1 second) and the 
screen was flickering because of this. Seems like the game recieved too 
many minimize/maximize messages, mor than it should have. Now I have e17 
and maybe their window manager handles this differently.

Is there anything I could try to improve the behaviour? I've tried to 
comment out the maximize/minimize code in the source, because WoW 
doesn't really need to know, but that isn't the best solution.


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