[NDR] Implement NdrClientCall2 and NdrServerCall2

Detlef Riekenberg wine.dev at web.de
Sun Dec 11 13:10:51 CST 2005

Am Donnerstag, den 01.12.2005, 00:39 -0600 schrieb Robert Shearman:

> [NDR] Implement NdrClientCall2 and NdrServerCall2
> [NDR] Fix handle support for stubless objects
> [NDR] Fix Accessing Arguments in NdrClientCall2

Hi Rob.
I tested your Patches with printui.dll and winspool.drv (from w2k)

--- cut ---
trace:rpc:NdrClientCall2 MIDL stub version = 0x5030117
fixme:rpc:NdrClientCall2 RPC_FC_BIND_GENERIC
--- cut ---

Then i commented out the RpcRaiseException() after the fixme and run:

wine rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /s

The Server-Properties-Window opens and react on the Mouse,
but the Fields are Empty or filled with Garbage.
(same garbage as buildin winspool.drv with my patch for OpenPrinter)

I attached an updated log to bug 3105

Thanks for your work on RPC.

By By ...
      ... Detlef

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