Crashes with TPB reader

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Dec 12 01:40:55 CST 2005

Pierre Ossman wrote:

> My problem is that the program TPB reader 
> (, a DAISY book 
> reader, crashes in different exotic ways. It fails in different ways 
> depending on if I run it in wine or crossover.
> In crossover the application starts but displays the error:
>     Run-time error '287':
>     Application-defined or object-defined error.
> If I enable some more output (CX_DEBUGMSG=err+all,fixme+all), then it 
> behaves differently. Now I get:
>     Run-time error '-1 (ffffffff)':
>     Automation error
> After a few seconds another one pops up:
>     Run-time error '448':
>     Named argument not found
> The first error can also be replicated by piping debug output to a 
> file. I managed to get dumps of both cases (cx1.dump, cx2.dump).
> Now the question is if anyone here can give me a guess at what the 
> problem is? Our primary concern is too determine if it will require 
> more effort to fix wine/crossover to support this application or to 
> write a new, native DAISY reader. So just being able to determine 
> which function is lacking would be a tremendous help.

This looks like a VB app, correct? It sounds like it would be quite a 
bit of work to write a native DAISY reader. My guess is that the error 
is coming from dlls/oleaut32/typeinfo.c:ITypeInfo_fnInvoke. It could be 
caused by another oleaut32 function as well though. I don't have time to 
debug the issue myself, but I can give you pointers for where to look if 
you want to debug it yourself. Alternatively, I can also direct you to 
the CodeWeavers website if you would consider paying us to get the 
application working for you.

Rob Shearman

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