PATCH: handle redirect to https

Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Dec 12 01:58:37 CST 2005

Marcus Meissner wrote:

>Redirect from http to https currently segfaults our
>wininet implementation.
>Exposed by the Google Earth update check.
>Ciao, Marcus
>	When redirecting, do not forget to reinit NETCON.

This shouldn't be necessary. The NETCONNECTION structure should have 
been re-initialized to its post-NETCON_init state after calling 
NETCON_close. There are two possible reasons I can think of that would 
cause a crash. The first is the NETCONNECTION stuff not being 
thread-safe. The second is possible ref-counting issues on the SSL 
method object "meth". Can you show me the backtrace?

Rob Shearman

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