gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik

David Nolden at
Mon Dec 12 14:57:06 CST 2005

Ok, I've just checked doing the same thing under windows.

The test(ripdaveno is the name of the Computer I tested on):

hostent* h = gethostbyname("ripdaveno"); 
char* str = inet_ntoa(*((in_addr*)h->h_addr_list[0]));

The string in str was "" which is my Network IP-Adress.  With 
wine(under Linux), as far as I've tested it, exactly the same code always 
generates "".

Since Wine tries to simulate Windows as exactly as possible, this is wrong. 
So, in my opinion this Patch is necessary. :-)

greetings, David Nolden

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