gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik

Pavel Troller patrol at
Tue Dec 13 09:22:22 CST 2005

> @Pavel  Troller
> I've checkt the /etc/hosts now. You were right, it says 
>	localhost.localdomain	localhost  	Zwirch
> (With Zwirch the Name of this Computer) 
> But I can't just statically rewrite it, because I use DHCP. Also this is a 
> fresh Ubuntu-Install, so I'm surely not the only 
> Wine-User with such an /etc/hosts..
Hi !
  Yes, I know that *MANY* well-known distros are wrong with /etc/hosts and
similar files..
  The trick is that specifying your hostname for localhost interface improves
Linux functionality in the case that there isn't other network interface
active. Otherwise, a plenty of services would not work locally. However, when
a real network interface comes up, it should be changed and moved to the line
with a real IP address, which is not so obvious in the real world...
  I think that it is NOT GOOD to patch wine to fix this case; it behaves
absolutely correctly and all the problem should be solved by correctly
configuring your Linux networking. Please see any good document about naming
principles of network interfaces.
                                   With regards, Pavel Troller

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