There is no need to offset the source rectangle in the reversedirection before scrolling

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Wed Dec 14 08:42:28 CST 2005

"Rein Klazes" <wijn at> wrote:

> >     /* Then clip again to get the source rectangle that will remain in the
> >      * clipping rect */
> >     rcSrc = rcClip;
> >-    OffsetRect( &rcSrc, -dx, -dy);
> >     IntersectRect( &rcSrc, &rcSrc, &rcClip);
> In the first place: with this change the IntersectRect call is a no-op 
> I doubt  you understand the reason for "to offset the source rectangle
> in the reverse direction":
> Scrolling should only occur in the clipping rectangle. When you talk
> about the *destination* pixels, a clipping with the cliprect is needed.
> Here we are talking about the *source* pixels, from destination to
> source is indeed reverse. *that* is what is happening here.

Well, the committed patch 1) does fix a visual glitch in the app I'm working on
and 2) passes all the current tests.

There are a couple of problems with your tests and fixes: it tests
child windows with CS_PARENTDC style set, and it doesn't test the case
when clipping rect is NULL. In my case both cases are not fulfilled and
therefore we see different results.

I think that brackets with multiple if/else statements are mandatory to make
it more clear what is going on.


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