gethostbyname(my_name) and IL2-Sturmovik

Juan Lang juan_lang at
Wed Dec 14 11:11:05 CST 2005

Hi David, thanks for continuing to work on this.

> What's wrong with the new version?

The first thing to make it acceptable is to write a regression test to go
along with it.  I think the test should check that
gethostbyname(your_host_name) returns something besides, _if_
you in fact have a public IP address.  Perhaps use SIOCGIFCONF in the test
to check whether you do have a public IP.

+ BOOL getpublicIP(char* target,int size)

The name should be spelled get_public_ip or so, and this should be static.

+     if (skfd < 0)
+     {
+         WARN("A socket could not be created");
+         return FALSE;
+     }

On any failure you need to SetLastError with an appropriate error.

+         if(ip[0]==127&&ip[1]==0&&ip[2]==0&&ip[3]==0)continue; /*Exclude*/
+         sprintf(buffer,"%i.%i.%i.%i",

I think this is specific to little-endian machines, this should succeed on
big-endian machines too.  (Not all uses of Wine are to run x86

+         if(strcmp(ifr[i].ifr_name,"lo")==0)continue;
+         if(size>strlen(buffer))strcpy(target,buffer);

Some spaces somewhere would be nice :)

+     char myname[1000];
+     gethostname(myname,(size_t)1000);

In WS_gethostbyname you pay a penalty of doing a gethostname call every
time.  I think this could be optimized.  For instance, you could only
check it if the returned address is  Also, I'm not sure about
declaring a buffer of 1000 bytes on the stack.  It's also unnecessary:
according to rfc1035, each name label is at most 255 chars.  I assume, at
any rate, that gethostname will not return a dotted name, but a single

To get this off the stack altogether, you could have a static buffer
that's set every time WS_gethostname is called.  WS_gethostbyname could
use this value instead of calling gethostname(2) itself.  I'm not sure
whether this optimization is worth it.  If you use a static buffer, it
needs to be protected by a critical section.


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