Suggested changes to the menubuilder etc.

Bill Medland billmedland at
Wed Dec 14 16:51:04 CST 2005

I am intending doing some work and submitting some patches to 
"improve" the integration with the operating system desktop 
integration.  Rather than waste time coding up my ideas and 
having Alexandre reject them I thought I'd start by specifying 
what I intend and awaiting a barrage of complaints.  So please 
do comment.

1. I reckon it would be a good idea if somewhere we actually 
wrote some prose that actually declared what it was we were 
trying to achieve.  I have a real issue with trying to decide if 
the code does what it does because of a deliberate decision, 
because either Windows or Linux or ... changed or because we 
just had not got around to implementing what we want.  Prose is 
much better for that.  I could put it in the Wine Developer's 
Guide, in the Wiki (where?), or as a text file in the 
winemenubuilder directory (my preference).  Any comments?

2. My main issue is that we do not replicate the menu structure 
under the start menu (and presumably the desktop too but I 
haven't looked there).  The program I am working with goes 
several layers below the Programs directory.  I see that 
wineshelllink is able to take a path for the link but 
winemenubuilder doesn't use that.  I intend adding to 
winemenubuilder so that it passes a more complete link, with 
path, to get the depth.

3. I want to do something about looking for icons when the target 
is actually data, not an executable.  Either I will just use no 
icon or I will see what I can do about looking up the handler 
for the file type and going from there (possibly even using the 
native OS's handler e.g. pdf files).

Any complaints?
Bill Medland
mailto:billmedland at

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