chdir to /tmp/.wine-1000/server-307-6930068 : No such file or directory

Dustin Navea speeddymon at
Wed Dec 14 20:00:39 CST 2005

I havent seen this mentioned in this thread yet, but did you try make 
distclean, and/or completely blowing away the directory you checked out 
wine into, and checking it out fresh?

Another idea is to go ahead and create the directory, since it cant cd 
into it, and see what happens when you do that..

Also, make sure that there arent any stale wine process hanging around 
(either wineserver, wine, or wine-preloader), that might be locking the 
new server from spawing into a new directory.


David Nolden wrote:
>>There is no change in Wine that would have caused this. I seem to
>>remember that this or a similar error was caused by threading problems
>>in glibc in the past. Perhaps you upgraded glibc or the kernel on your
> But when I checkout a cvs from the end of november, it runs.. when I checkout
> a current one it doesn't. I didn't upgrade glibc, nor the kernel. (I checked
> out and compiled a cvs from november just an hour ago, and it ran fine)
> greetings, David

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