Regression in Wine on FreeBSD (DVD Shrink)

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Dec 15 08:46:52 CST 2005

Travis Poppe wrote:

>Hello All,
>Lately I've been trying to track down a problem that prevents DVD Shrink 3.2 
>from starting on FreeBSD in any version of Wine built on/after 04-20-2005 
>(including the recent beta releases). Any version built prior to this works 
>I've tracked the problem down to the changes made to x11drv/dib.c (and 
>associated) on 04-20-2005. I'm not fluent in C; I merely found the problem 
>through trial and error.
>I have already contacted the author of the changes (dib.c and associated) and 
>he suggested I try this list. If anyone would like to glance at the 
>differences between the two files I've mentioned above, I have posted a diff 

It's possible that on FreeBSD the signal -> exception translation code 
doesn't mark whether it was a read or write fault. Other than that, the 
code should behave the same as before.

BTW, you don't need to host the file on a server. People are more likely 
to look at it if you attach it to your message.

Rob Shearman

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