Create new mailing list wine-isv?

Brian Vincent brian.vincent at
Thu Dec 15 08:59:21 CST 2005

You're secretly just trying to get me to finish the commercial page I
promised, huh?

I'll vote against a wine-isv list.  History has shown we're not
responsible enough to have many mailing lists.  Sure, if it takes
off.. great.  But more than likely we'll be having a discussion on
wine-devel in 18 months about getting rid of the list because only a
handful of people are subscribed.  In the mean time, the 3 or 4 people
who ask questions on wine-isv will get incomplete answers or referred
to wine-devel.  Let's have the documentation refer the users to
wine-devel with questions.  If things get off topic or wine-devel gets
overwhelmed, then make the list.

The stuff you put together looks really nice.  There's parts that
could be expanded; the getting started section is easily 20 pages of
written material.  Anyway, I think this stuff belongs in the Winelib
User's Guide in some form.  Said a different way, I think the Winelib
User's Guide needs to include a section about "Why It's Okay to Ship a
PE Executable".  Then again, we all know the Winelib guide needs to be


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