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Dan Kegel daniel.r.kegel at
Thu Dec 15 09:09:12 CST 2005

On 12/15/05, Brian Vincent <brian.vincent at> wrote:
> You're secretly just trying to get me to finish the commercial page I
> promised, huh?


> I'll vote against a wine-isv list.  History has shown we're not
> responsible enough to have many mailing lists.  Sure, if it takes
> off.. great.  But more than likely we'll be having a discussion on
> wine-devel in 18 months about getting rid of the list because only a
> handful of people are subscribed.  In the mean time, the 3 or 4 people
> who ask questions on wine-isv will get incomplete answers or referred
> to wine-devel.  Let's have the documentation refer the users to
> wine-devel with questions.  If things get off topic or wine-devel gets
> overwhelmed, then make the list.

I would totally agree with you except for one thing:
ISVs who are looking at the mailing list archives
are going to be overwhelmed by the volume and technical level on wine-devel,
and will be afraid to join and post.
If everyone agrees that's not really a problem,
then I'm fine with directing ISVs to wine-devel.

>> [ ]
> The stuff you put together looks really nice.


> There's parts that
> could be expanded; the getting started section is easily 20 pages of
> written material.  Anyway, I think this stuff belongs in the Winelib
> User's Guide in some form.  Said a different way, I think the Winelib
> User's Guide needs to include a section about "Why It's Okay to Ship a
> PE Executable".  Then again, we all know the Winelib guide needs to be
> rewritten.

I really don't think Winelib should be involved for
the majority of ISVs.  Rather than add a section to
the Winelib user's guide, let's move all the ISV-oriented
stuff to an ISV guide, and add a section in there called
"When to use Winelib" that links to the Winelib user guide,
or something like that.

As with my QA page, I'm happy to help move my ISV page
into the official WineHQ doc when it's more ready, but
while I'm working on it I prefer to keep using plain HTML
on my site.
- Dan
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