Fix dsiplay of fonts with Symbol codepages (codepage 42) as well

David Moore davidm at
Thu Dec 15 00:17:22 CST 2005

Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:

> "David Moore" <davidm at> wrote:
>> The patch below first checks to see if the codepage is one of the 
>> exceptions, and if it is, passes in NULLs for the last two arguments.
> I wonder how did you build the list of exceptions: why CP_UTF7 is there
> but CP_UTF8 is not? Why 50xxx,52xxx,57xxx code pages are there?
> I'd suggest as a start to have only CP_UTF7, CP_UTF8 and CP_SYMBOL in
> the exception list.
I did miss CP_UTF8, as that wasn't part of the main list of exceptions.  
I will fix that and resubmit.

I didn't build the list of exceptions.  If you take a look at the 
documentation here:  
Under the description for dwflags, it lists all the codepages I have 
made the exception for.  Under the descriptions for lpDefaultChar and 
lpUsedDefaultChar, it has the following line:

"For the code pages mentioned in /dwFlags/, /lpUsedDefaultChar/ must be 
NULL, otherwise the function fails with ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER."

Thus, the list of exceptions comes straight from the documentation for 
this function.

I will change the patch to only CP_UTF7, CP_UTF8 and CP_SYMBOL if you 
still suggest I do - this solves my problem.  I just thought that my 
patch as currently stands (and more so with the addition of CP_UTF8) is 
more correct.  Please advise.

David Moore

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