fixme:font:load_VDMX Failed to retrieve vTable

Alex Villací­s Lasso a_villacis at
Thu Dec 15 13:04:45 CST 2005

Curro Amores wrote:

> hi ,
> sorry but im a bit desperated, i dont find the way of sorting out my 
> problem.
> i send a snapshot of my report so you could give me a hint of what is 
> going wrong,
> It's a access 97 app and i can not display reports correctly.
> ill be very pleased.
> The problem is that i dont get any error with WINEDBG

Your snapshot looks as if the wrong font is being used for the display, 
or a required font is not available. In order to see what is wrong with 
your application, the best way would be to file a bug report at Please indicate the kind and version of 
distribution you are using (Fedora, Mandriva, etc), the version of Wine 
you are using, and whether it is a RPM package, a compiled version from 
a tar snapshot, or a compiled version from CVS. Most important of all, 
please add a link to a downloadable, self-contained version of your app, 
or an equivalent stripped-down one, that demonstrates the bug. By 
self-contained, I especially mean "not requiring a remote connection to 
a SQL server somewhere". A standalone app (with optional mdb file) would 
be perfect, but an installer will do. Note, however, that the installer 
itself might expose bugs that prevent others from even getting to run 
your app.

Things to try out in the meantime:
* Check whether you have the latest version of wine, and fontconfig (for 
fontconfig, you might try yum for checking updates)
* Check the output of fc-list (this command is part of fontconfig) and 
check whether the required TrueType fonts are available on your system.
* Try to post a snapshot of the expected appearance of your report *in 
your bug report at*. Please also comment what fonts your 
report expects to be present.

Alex Villacís Lasso

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