question regarding FindWindow

Robert Shearman rob at
Thu Dec 15 14:31:14 CST 2005

Marcus Meissner wrote:

>>Look at why the message loop for 0x10024 doesn't process the message. 
>>This may be one of the things that Windows handles in the server rather 
>>than sending messages to each window.
>The window its trying to WM_GETTEXT is created by ole32.CoInitializeEx(0,2)
>(called by Google Earth startup code), and hangs only some lines later
>in a kernel32.WaitForSingleObject() (also called by a google earth supplied dll).
>WFSO does not do windows messageloop handling. :/
>So, is CoInitializeEx(NULL,COINIT_APARTMENTTHREADED) is perhaps
>doing the wrong thing here.

We should definitely create a window for single-threaded apartments. 
Native might delay the creation of the window until it is actually 
needed though.

Rob Shearman

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