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Peter Beutner p.beutner at
Thu Dec 15 18:59:11 CST 2005

Scott Ritchie schrieb:
> On Tue, 2005-12-13 at 22:33 -0800, Dan Kegel wrote:
>>I used to hate the term ISV (Independent Software Vendor) since
>>it sounded so acronymy compared to 'developer', but it's
>>very commonly used in the industry to refer to outfits which
>>are trying to write and sell off-the-shelf software -- and
>>as monkey-boy said, Microsoft is where it is partly because
>>it worked hard to attract and support those guys.
>>So I've been thinking about how to attract more Windows ISVs
>>to test, support, and promote their apps on Linux with Wine.

IMHO all this stuff goes a bit too much into the wrong direction.

I really fear that this will end up with vendors loudly advertising linux support and 
proudly putting linux stickers on their products where everything you find inside are just 
the same windows .exe files and a readme stating that these will work fine with wine.
Which at least is not what I would like to see.

The main thing the _developers_ should be pointed to(if they care about their product on 
other platforms then windows) are some decent docs about platform-independent programming :p

Maybe it's just me but when reading all this I got the feeling that writing windows 
applications(which work with wine) is just *the* way to go.
Why the hell are we running linux then?

Not that I generally disagree with what you wrote. Actually it's mostly totally fine.And 
it's definitly a good thing when vendors care about their product running with wine or 
companies migrating to linux trying to get their highly-specialized-app to work with wine.
But imho it _shouldn't_ be the long term solution.


> I support this idea.
> -Scott Ritchie

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