Create new mailing list wine-isv?

Markus Gömmel m.goemmel at
Fri Dec 16 06:17:30 CST 2005


> I'll vote against a wine-isv list.  History has shown we're not
> responsible enough to have many mailing lists.  Sure, if it takes
> off.. great.  But more than likely we'll be having a discussion on
> wine-devel in 18 months about getting rid of the list because only a
> handful of people are subscribed.  In the mean time, the 3 or 4 people
> who ask questions on wine-isv will get incomplete answers or referred
> to wine-devel.  Let's have the documentation refer the users to
> wine-devel with questions.  If things get off topic or wine-devel gets
> overwhelmed, then make the list.

That's also my experience. I would be the perfect man for such a new group, 
cause my partner and I are developing Windows applications 
( Seeing Wine some months ago fascinated me a lot, so 
since then I'm spending one or two hours a day trying to bring our 
applications to work under Wine, too...

But it's clear that there are not enough ressources there to help ISVs like 
me out of some problems. Sometimes I have contact with one of the developers 
after submitting a bug, or writing something into the wine-devel list, but 
without doing a lot of clarification before (like looking into the Wine 
sources, close in the problem area, and asking really specific questions to 
the corresponding 5 or 10 lines of code in the Wine sources) nobody really 
have time to help. That's clear to me, cause the project is huge and the 
developing stuff is relatively small, so it is as it is.

Only if the whole project would find it a main goal to support ISVs with 
there products, and some personal ressources are available, such a new list 
would be of any help.

Don't understand me wrong, I'm a total Wine fan, but at the moment it looks 
to me that supportings ISVs which are more interested in their own product 
as on Wine is not realistic...



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