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Marcus Meissner meissner at
Fri Dec 16 09:19:18 CST 2005

> The point is that it won't be integrated in neither kernel or glibc. At 
> least I can't imagine that this will happen. Why should anybody integrate 
> another binary loader/memory layout into the kernel/libc where there is 
> already a fully working one?
> Just because some people don't want to spend time/money to port their code 
> to linux?
> I don't think with an argument like that you get this stuff included 
> somewhere :/
> (not even mentioning the flaws in the "windows mechanism").
> So no, I don't believe that the environment(e.g. kernel/libc) will be 
> adapting to wine in this aspect.
> Don't get me wrong I still think it is perfectly valid that wine is doing 
> that sort of hack to get existing windows applications working but you 
> really shouldn't advertise it as a solution to platform independence and 
> encourage developers to go this way.

Wine is doing fine already in regards to randomization (or not), mostly
thanks to wine-preloader.

I see no need for action.

Ciao, Marcus

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