SHFileOperationW 1 : helper functions

Mike McCormack mike at
Fri Dec 16 11:03:28 CST 2005

Joris Huizer wrote:
> When this patch is accepted I'll submit the rest (that is, the code
> using these functions)

I appreciate somebody is spending the time to clean up that function.

Unfortunately, a patch adding functions that aren't yet used is not 
likely to be accepted.

Secondly, even if your style is the only true one, please copy the 
existing style in that file so we don't end up with another mish-mash 
mess of coding styles. (And sorry, but 2 space indent is not the one 
true style ;)


> +static int shfileops_delete_file(WIN32_FIND_DATAW *wfd,int confirm,LPWSTR pFromFile,LPWSTR pTempFrom)
> +{
> +  int retCode = 0;
> +  LPWSTR lpFileName;
> +  lpFileName = wfd->cAlternateFileName;
> +  if (!lpFileName[0])
> +    lpFileName = wfd->cFileName;


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