msvcrt: Printf Integer Conversions

Jesse Allen the3dfxdude at
Fri Dec 16 11:04:22 CST 2005

On 12/16/05, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:
> Jesse Allen <the3dfxdude at> writes:
> > Changes:
> > Add support for I64 integer sizes in printf.  Handle I and I32 sizes
> > using libc's printf.
> The tests fail:
> printf.c:45: Test succeeded inside todo block: Problem with long long
> printf.c:46: Test succeeded inside todo block: return count wrong
> printf.c:114: Test failed: Problem with "ll" interpretation
> printf.c:115: Test failed: return count wrong
> printf.c:369: Test succeeded inside todo block: Problem with long long

long long I didn't fix, but I will next patch.

> printf.c:51: Test failed: I0d failed
> printf.c:63: Test failed: I64D failed: %D

This one I avoided because I didn't want to cause regressions else
where.  I found another way now that I like so it will be fixed next

> printf.c:106: Test failed: #+25.22I64u conversion for -1 failed: got '   0018446744073709551615', should be ' 18446744073709551615' -- obscure windows msvcrt bug?

Sorry, this test is wrong, it does behave as expected on windows.  Fixed.

New patch coming very soon.

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