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Tony Lambregts tony.lambregts at
Fri Dec 16 11:06:04 CST 2005

Jeremy White wrote:
>>Not that I mean to sound like a pessimist, but I'm really just calling
>>it as I see it. No offense to anyone intended. :)
> This, in a nutshell, is Wine's greatest challenge
> (stepping even outside ISV boundaries for a minute).
> I believe, either because I'm insane (the likely
> explanation), or because it's true, that Wine has
> progressed remarkably in the past 5 years, and can
> no longer be correctly dismissed as unstable or unusable.
> I think the shift from Alpha to Beta status was a
> more dramatic signal that anyone really realizes;
> I think it marks the point where Wine can reliably
> be used for a broad range of purposes.
> But, bluntly, we have to prove it.  We have to start
> by continuing the drive to a solid 1.0; we have to
> continue helping a small number of ISVs really succeed.
> And then of course comes the fun part; we have to hold
> that line and not let any regressions in :-/.


Well that is a real sore spot with me. You know that I am a strong
supporter of wine but it really concerns me that we have gone beta and
not addressed preventing regessions from getting into our releases in
any way. We currently have no freeze or notification of exactly when
the next release is going to go out. Sure we had the one big code
freeze just before 0.9 but then we went back to releasing without any
notification. At his point even if our application maintainers test
their app every day there is no way for them to prevent that
regression going into the next release.

We had at least one known regression creep into 0.9.3. and maybe more
that could have been corrected if we had some warning.  I think that
going to beta without  any real attempt to provide even the most basic
freeze release cycle is not a good thing. At the very minimum I would
think that we should know when the releases are going to happen but we
do not even know that.


> But I think we can do it; it's why I'm still here.



Tony Lambregts

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