Supporting ISVs (was: Create new mailing list wine-isv?)

Dan Kegel dank at
Sat Dec 17 01:06:51 CST 2005

Markus Goemmel wrote:
> My partner and I are developing Windows applications
> ( Seeing Wine some months ago fascinated
> me a lot, so since then I'm spending one or two hours a day
> trying to bring our applications to work under Wine, too...
> But it's clear that there are not enough ressources there
> to help ISVs like me out of some problems. Sometimes I have
> contact with one of the developers after submitting a bug,
> or writing something into the wine-devel list, but without
> doing a lot of clarification before (like looking into the
> Wine sources, close in the problem area, and asking really
> specific questions to the corresponding 5 or 10 lines of code
> in the Wine sources) nobody really have time to help.

Hmm.  Guess you're working on zoc:
And you've filed ten bugs so far:
only one or two of which have been fixed.

I was curious, so I tried running zoc on wine-0.9.3 (compiled myself on FC3).
The first time I started it, it exited with an assertion; the log is

--- EmTec Application --- 12/17/2005 6:40:02 AM ---
    Condition: hwndLed
    Location : status.cpp line 878
    Last Err.: 0L ()
    Add. Info:

Every time I started it after that, it exits with a dialog "Panic: no fonts!".
I'd like to see this work; got any tips?

I'm glad you're sticking around even though it's hard to get your questions
answered!  Hopefully we can improve the ISV experience with your feedback.

Are you interested in being interviewed as a case study for my ISV page, ?


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