binary only dll , resolving links through winebuild

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Sun Dec 18 23:21:32 CST 2005

Binary Only Dll (test.dll) with the header file (test.h)


- I have a binary only dll (test.dll) that was created in windows which
exports to functions

            - int Add (int, int)

            - int Subtract (int, int)

- I want to use this dll in Linux from an application mydlltest.cpp.

        - In that process, I have tried the following:

            - Generated the .spec file using winedump

                    - winedump spec test

                        - This created the .spec file with stub functions

                                    1 stub add

                                    2 stub Subtract

                    - Installed this dll as builtin dll in my wine directory
(This is my testing purpose)

                                - chmod a+x testdll_install

                                - ./testdll_install <wine_path>

                                - cd <wine_path>

                                - autoconf

                                - ./configure

                                - make depend && make

            - Now I am able to see this dll in dlls directory of winepath

I am not finding any README on Winebuild and I am getting problem from this
step onwards,

- NOW do I need to generate the .def for the spec file of the dll??

- NOW do I need to change any settings like DllOverrides to access this dll
from my test application??

- Now I have a win32 application (mydlltest.cpp) that was using this dll in

- How can I link the (test.dll) from the application (mydlltest.cpp) ?

        - I use the LoadLibrary("test") in the test application (
mydlltest.cpp), the dll was loaded

        - I got the GetProcAddress() for the function "Add", the function
pointer is obtained

        - *But when I call the function "add" from the application, I was
getting exception*.

            - Then I define the stub function in the test_dll_main.c, to
print a trace message.

                        - Compiled the dll again to create the

                        - Now, when I call the function "add" from the
application, the trace message is printed, BUT THE ACTUAL FUNCTION IN THE
TEST.DLL is not called.

*        (I Created the .def file from the .spec file of the dll and tried
the same. Still I am getting the same problem)*


*        How I can use winebuild after creating the .spec file using
winedump, so that I can link that dll using the Application.??*

*        Any detailed steps that can help in using a third party binary dll
in Linux using the Test Applciation ??*

Thank you

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