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Robert Shearman rob at
Mon Dec 19 08:26:03 CST 2005

Peter Beutner wrote:

> Dmitry Timoshkov schrieb:
>> "Peter Beutner" <p.beutner at> wrote:
>>>> Wine is a very good way of testing the waters with a Linux market. 
>>>> If a significant part of the market share starts coming from Linux 
>>>> or other Unix operating systems then the company can start offering 
>>>> winelib extensions that integrate better with the environment in 
>>>> which they are running.
>>> I doubt that this will happen. If the windows version works with 
>>> wine the company will more likely continue to work on that. See your 
>>> money argument.
>> Another myth about Wine.
> Glad to hear that. So there are already companies shipping winelib 
> extensions for their products?

I know of at least one company that was considering this for interfacing 
their software with a USB hardware device that the software shipped with.

Rob Shearman

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