[wined3d] Code questions

Aric Cyr Aric.Cyr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 01:53:55 CST 2005

I just have a couple wined3d code questions/comments that I'd like to clear up
and possible submit patches if my understanding is correct.  If I am
misunderstanding the code please correct me.

1) basetexture.c:BindTexture()
   Just _before_ we call glBindTexture we call glTexParameteri and either set
GL_TEXTURE_MAX_LEVEL or GL_TEXTURE_MIN_FILTER.  The comment in the code is:

  "Always need to reset the number of mipmap levels when rebinding as it is
   a property of the active texture unit, and another texture may have set it
   to a different value"

However, this doesn't make any sense to me and I believe it to be incorrect. 
glTexParameter affects the currently bound texture object.  If the current and
next texture to be bound have different mipmaps levels or parameters it should
not be necessary to change these settings as all the state is encapsulated
correctly in the OpenGL texture object, which should have been initialized
correctly in Device::CreateTexture or BaseTexture::ApplyStateChanges.  The
reason the current code is bad is two-fold: 1) unneeded state changes on a
performance critical path, as texture binding is very frequent and 2) changing
the state of a _previous_ texture object, not the current one.  The next time we
go to use that texture object we will have to reapply all of it's state again,
another waste of time.  I spent a lot of the weekend debugging wined3d (trying
to get anisotropic working in World of Warcraft) and just commenting out the
block of code greatly cut down on d3d trace messages and makes the code easier
to understand (and faster).

2) device.c::SetupTextureStates()
   Similar to my previous remark, there seems to be an incorrect state change
here as well.  glTexEnvf(TEXTURE_FILTER_CONTROL, LOAD_BIAS), glBlendColor() and
then glTexEnvfv(TEXTURE_ENV, TEXTURE_ENV_COLOR) are called.  All of these are
called for each texture state update.  However these are all global render
states, not per-texture contrary to the comment in the code.  Since these states
are already being set in Device::SetRenderState() I'm pretty sure they don't
need to be set here as well.

Well that's all for now.  Having started to really dig into wined3d, it seems
that some effort in cleaning it up (coding style is way off) and stablizing it
before it gets much more unwieldy is due.  I'm also willing to help with such a
task if there is a consensus that it should be done.


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