has the LGPL licence fell through ?

Tom Wickline twickline at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 19:21:35 CST 2005

There is a review here :  http://digital.hmx.net/02contents/pc/linux/fuji.shtml
You might need : http://babelfish.altavista.com/  to translate it.

I'll post parts of there review here....

Ricoh TrueType font (JIS third fourth level support)
Japanese input software ATOK for Linux
Windows interchangeable middleware David

Windows interchangeable middleware "David"

The idea contest where the letter which is called to the task tray
David enters is visible. David with the product of SpecOps Labs, is
the software which makes the application for Windows execute on Linux.
Turbolinux concluded the monopoly sale contract of David with SpecOps,
Labs mounted on FUJI. The Windows interchangeable environment which
David offers is actualized by result ones of open source software
"wine" and the technology of individual development. David enters,
mounting result ones of wine, but perfection of Windows environment
approach differs from wine which designates re-mounting as goal e.g.,
Win32 API re-mounting is designated as minimum. Because of that, the
plug in, David engine and the David rice plant which is offered to
every application - the brassiere which offers application common
Windows interchangeable function is offered by David, the rice plant -
as for the Windows application where the brassiere was offered, is a
feature that it operates quite with high compatibility. With FUJI the
David engine and the tool and the rice plant which support the
introduction of Windows application - the brassiere is offered. The
rice plant - Turbolinux verifies the brassiere individually, in order
to operate without trouble those which rework are offered, at present
time the rice plant of Microsoft Office - the brassiere is offered.
Unless the rice plant - there is a brassiere, it cannot introduce
application and it cannot execute, but speaking conversely, because
the rice plant - the brassiere stopping as for those which are offered
operates without trouble, feeling at rest, there is a merit which you
can use. If the rice plant - type of brassiere increases, from the
fact that also the number of applications which are worked increases,
in the future the rice plant - the number of brassieres that is
thought whether it is not it increases.
Furthermore, is informal, but also it is possible to move
InternetExplorer with David of FUJI attachment. After inspecting with
own power, we would like to have trying the one which has interest in
self responsibility.


Next is to order a copy and ask for the Wine source if its not included.


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