Bug 3885

Tom Spear speeddymon at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 23:05:21 CST 2005

Hi, I was working on bug 3885 tonight, and am stuck now..  Could someone 
take a look and test a couple of things?

I'm running 2.6 series kernel, and it keeps dieing into the debugger 
before the main window opens.

I think that it will sart with builtin msvcrt with 2.4 series kernel, 
but not 2.6, but since I'm in the middle of another project, I cant 
reboot to find out.  It will at least start under both series for sure 
with native msvcrt.

Louis Lenders removed a trace line from wine and recompiled and it 
started, even with builtin, which is kinda weird, since he didnt run it 
with any traces.  So it may be a combination of a bug in that trace, and 
a bug in the 2.6 kernel..

Once running the app, with either builtin or native msvcrt, it goes thru 
the first benchmark and then spits out an error dialog box when it goes 
to start the next one, regardless of which benchmarks the app is told to 
test..  IOW, you can tell it to run #1 and #2, and it will spit out the 
error before starting #2, and take you back to the main app window.  Or 
you can tell it to run #1 and #3, and same happens, or you can tell it 
to run #2 and #3, and same happens, so its not something to do with the 
way wine is handling the benchmark itself.

Louis also hard coded D3D_OK into wine in the right spot and managed to 
get the program to go thru all benchmarks from 1-16, so wine is 
mis-reporting something there.

If someone could take a look and propose a fix, it would be appreciated, 
seems to me that the 2 fixes should be fairly trivial to come up with 
since those 1 line hacks worked to get around the aforementioned problems.

If we can get it to start on 2.4 and 2.6 with builtin and get it to go 
all the way to mark 16 before it spits out an error, then that will be 
another bug closed, and I will file a separate one for mark 16..

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