[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de
Wed Dec 21 18:10:15 CST 2005

Vitaliy Margolen schrieb:
  > I can't say how many people have come to #winehq with different problems
  > that were related to winetools. From what I could see, not a single
  > person who I talked to had winetools installed and had Wine programs
  > working properly.

Well, it was just a few month ago when Joachim and me has reworked the 
winetools. It is no longer config file based, it is using the registry 
now. We have tested it on multiple Linux distributions and the newest 
release WineTools 0.9 III hasn't showed serious problems when walking 
through the menus as intended.

Joachim says that he has 30.000 downloads per month. That's a big number 
and if only one percent of the users has problems, then of course your 
hear of them.

And of course mostly users only report when they have problems. Can you 
refer these users to the Wine users mailing list? We need detailed 
feedback to fix remaining problems.

James, please don't see the value of winetools only from a developers 
view. Normal linux users don't want to test builtin dlls, they just want 
to get their windows apps working on linux. IMHO it's better for Wine if 
the users become an easy feeling of success instead of letting them fall 
from one pitball into another.

Thanks for the assistance of Tom and Michael.


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