SPARC assembly won't compile, problems with NT headers

Troy Rollo wine at
Thu Dec 22 01:05:59 CST 2005

winegcc from the current WineHQ produces assembly output for SPARC systems 
that cannot be processed by the assembler.

1. "operation combines symbols in different segments" error.

This problem arises because the imports code attempts to generate a relocation 
involving symbols in different segments (one in the text segment and one in 
the data segment). SPARC assemblers (including gas on a SPARC) cannot deal 
with relocations involving symbols in different segments. This only affects 
position independent code and can be avoided by changing the assembly code 
output in imports.c to something simpler.

2. "can't resolve `_end' {*UND* section} - `.L__wine_spec_rva_base' {.data 

This problem is more sinister. It arises from the same limitation as the first 
problem, but is not susceptible to being worked around. The offending code is 
the code that attempts to generate the NT header of the executable - 
specifically the SizeOfImage element. I can't see any way at this point to 
provide for this calculation to be done until after the linker output is 
generated. I suspect the solution to this problem is to just output a zero in 
this location and have winegcc modify the executable image to insert the 
correct values after the linker has created it.

Does anybody have any objections to this solution or another approach to 

Troy Rollo - wine at

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