[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

wino at piments.com wino at piments.com
Thu Dec 22 02:43:46 CST 2005

On Thu, 22 Dec 2005 02:59:57 +0100, Tom Wickline <twickline at gmail.com>  

> On 12/21/05, James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com> wrote:
>> As much as I appreciate the work you, Joachim, and others have put
>> into winetools, we're getting closer to the point in time when
>> winetools needs to be phased out by a better, more functional wine.

Getting closer, sure, but it's not for tommorow

>> Part of this process is removing it from the official download page.

Part of this process "will be" removing winetool link. "is" implies the  
present and we are not at this stage with wine yet.

> Shouldn't Wine be fixed before it's removed? Isn't it kind of backwards  
> to say
> we need to have Wine run everything out of the box and to accomplish  
> this were
> going to remove a link to a user friendly tool that currently helps our  
> users.
I agree, I think there has to be an easy start method with at least half a  
chance of getting things running.

Most new users , many probably new to linux as well will NOT even be aware  
of what an IRC channel is an probably never met a maiing list either.

It seems some of the ppl posting on this thread dont even realise that  
they are living on a different plane to those actually using wine.

If new users cant get some positive result quickly they will just conclude  
that wine is unusable, and from an average user point , they would be  

If they can be hooked by getting somethings to work they _may just_ go a  
bit further with some things that dont. Hell , they may even read the doc  
if they can find it.

As for argueing that bugs wont get reported. I was not aware that there  
was a shortage of things to do in fixing Wine.

If Wine scares off new users by expecting everyone to be a software  
developer it will fail in it's primary role of helping users to migrate to  


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