Poser label issue [Bug 2737]

Vikram Kumar vik at zone81.com
Thu Dec 22 02:14:33 CST 2005


I've been looking into Bug 2737
and kind of lost on where to go next.

Testing on both Poser5 English and Poser6 Japanese versions, The labels
(text) on the ui don't show up. As far as the rest of the app goes,
Poser 5 seems to be working okay excpet for some redraw issues, so if
the lables show up correctly, the app should be quite useable.

Anyway, looking at the trace, it looks like it uses DrawTextEx to draw
the lables, does something with regions which I can't quite figure out,
and renders the ui. The issue seems to be that the label somewhere along
the line becomes a 1bit DIB which seems to be wrong. x11drv/dib gives a
warning saying:
warn:bitmap:X11DRV_DIB_GetImageBits_1 from unknown 1 bit bitmap
(ff0000,ff00,ff) to 1 bit DIB, direct color mapping

What I tried was to force a negative image on x11drv/dib.c by changing
line 901 to:
-BYTE neg = 0;
+BYTE neg = 1;
The attached image shows the result. The black rectangles are where the
labels are supposed to be (This is the Poser6 Japanese's register your
name & serial number etc dialog) It looks like the DIB is all white
(thus the blackness when negating). If I use the non-negated image, this
part becomes the same color as the background(transparent?) What the
lables are supposed to look like can be found here:
and how wine does it is:

I'm kind of stuck at this point, not knowing exactly what to do next.
I'd aprreciate any help, since it will be nice to have this running.

Poser6 demo is available here:

Also attached is a trace of
WINEDEBUG="+font,+text,+gdi,+bitmap,+seh" wine PoserJ.exe


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