_itow tests in ntdll/tests

Thomas Mertes thomas.mertes at gmx.at
Thu Dec 22 06:52:21 CST 2005

I am the author of the _itow tests and the _itow function.

As far as I can remember when I tested the _itow functions under WIN2000
and under XP (No SP or just SP1) it was allowed to call _itow with

_itow(123, NULL, 10)

and the result of this call was NULL.

The wine _itow function implemented this functionality because of
"bug by bug" compatibility (Some Applications might be based on this
"Feature"). The Test was done to find regressions or changes in the M$
operating systems. In my opinion testing corner cases is important.

What does "there is failure" mean. Does it crash or return something
different from NULL. When it crashes under XP SP2 the function _itow
should remain unchanged. When some other value (different from NULL) is
returned it might be necessary to change _itow.

By the way. The reason I stopped developing for Wine is:
I now have my own project:


In the Seed7 programming language new statements and operators can
be declared easily. Functions with type results and type parameters are
more elegant than a template or generics concept.

  Look at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seed7 
  or at sourceforge: http://sourceforge.net/projects/seed7 

Just download Seed7 and see the new concepts. 

Greetings Thomas Mertes

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