[lostwages] Remove winetools from download page

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de
Fri Dec 23 01:59:25 CST 2005

Vitaliy Margolen schrieb:
> I do not have Wine installed. All I have is wine symlink in my ~/bin dir.
> And winetools could not find wine nor winecfg. So when I ran wt it
> complained about that.

That's a situation we don't have expected. I will try to make a fix.

> Mm looking at those checks I would say 95% of them are invalid and/or not
> as flexible as wine itself is.

I will take a look.

> findwine - 95% bogus. winetools - should be split into separate scripts
> for each installed app. Makes it cleaner and more flexible. All the
> scripts in scripts/ dir what are they for? Most seems to be 100%
> redundant to what "wine" or "wine prog.exe && wineserver -w" do.

Winetools code is manageable by us and the wine users out there creating 
patches. It's not needed to be splitten into 110 separate files.

One of the intention of the scripts dir is a simple possibility to start 
the installad apps. When you e.g. install the Internet Explorer, there 
comes different apps like IE, Outlook Express, Windows Media Player. 
Each of it bas an own script with the correct path and executable.

>>Using as much native dlls as possible makes chances best to install
>>windows software, of course not user32.dll and such.
> No that's not the case at all. And this part specifically defeats the
> whole propose of developing new dlls. Why would anyone in their right
> mind start new dll, if you can use native? But the question is "can you?"
> Most people DO NOT own Windows 98 licence. That means that each such
> person should not even attempt to download or run winetools.

Hm, there must be a way to become both - new users which don't have 
problems with there windows apps and also the wanted feedback from users 
using builtin dlls.

What if I create a new feature into winetools which allows the users 
itself to choice between stability and using as few natives as possible.

I believe winetools makes still sense without using native windows 
components. It allows easy download and installation of about 110 freely 
downloadable windows apps. The downloadable fonts are always nice. 
Furthermore some native windows components are currently not implemented 
in wine.

> No, it's not. Some major changes have been made to low level code that
> makes Wine much more like with winNT then win9x. If you enforce win9x for
> each program - you creating potential problems. And again, most programs
> with do things differently on win9x then winNT. Like disabling some
> features. So that again means that we never getting feedback from users.

It is one of my future Todos to change the windows version from win98 to 
win2000. But until now it doesn't seem to make real problems. All of the 
 > 110 apps have been tested. Most of them are running good in win98, 
the ones which doesn't have a special win2000 configuration.


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