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ethereal at centrum.cz ethereal at centrum.cz
Fri Dec 23 09:01:03 CST 2005

I have some reminds about your product "Wine"

1. When wine changes screen resolution, it changes resolution of desktop and that move my icons and i must arrange it manually after game exit and that is the problem. Please make that resolution switching like "cedega". Cedega changes the screen resolution, but desktop dimensions are unchanged.

2. Where is the config? Implementation of "winecfg" isn't good choice. Config file was good so why you have removed it? Existence of that config file will be welcomed for many users, which wants to edit some options, which they can't edit now.

3. The "-workdir" option. When i try to run some programs or when i try to install something, sometimes wine can't find files needed by installer or installed game. Cedega uses "-workdir" parameter which sets the directory, where are that files. I couldn't install or run many games and programs because of Wine can't find that files, which are needed. (e.g. wine -workdir "/root/.wine/drive_c/warcraft III/" "C:/warcraft III/Frozen Throne.exe")

Thats all what i wanted to write.
U have done good work so good luck forever.

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