[Bug 4146] first run usability

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Sun Dec 25 15:35:24 CST 2005

Le dimanche 25 décembre 2005 à 21:47 +0100, wino at piments.com a écrit :
> Does someone want to reign in this fuck-wit before she pisses of the whole  
> community?
> How can this be a dupe of a meta bug ?! The meta is supposed to regroup  
> all such minor bugs. That's why it was created.

I don't want to be part of your argument or to question the validity of
the resolution your bug has been given; but the first thing I'd do is
create separate bugs for separate problems. You should also give a more
descriptive title to your bugs.


1) "wine should not call wineprefixcreate when called without PROGRAM
2) "wine -? and wine -h should be equivalent to wine --help"
3) "wine --help should tell user to check man wine"
4) "wine --help should link to winehq"
5) "wine installation should create links to winecfg in the
windows'manager menu"

Then you could create a usability meta bug (but meta bugs tend to be not
very useful) and link these bugs with it.

This way if some of the bugs/enhancement are refused by the developpers
you don't loose the chance to see some of your proposed changes to be

This is the same rational behind the fact that big patches that change a
million things are rejected: some of your points/change may be valid,
but your bug report/patch is useless because it asks/does things that
are not accepted by the developpment team.

Last thing in http://bugs.winehq.org/show_bug.cgi?id=4146#c1, I don't
know why you said sol.exe is a special case and I don't see why we
should not tell user that he can use a valid unix path to run
applications with Wine.

Please try to overcome your little trouble with Vitaliy and keep up with
your efforts into helping Wine being more usable.

Happy Christmas everyone.
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