continuosly calling the function from winelib failing - stackoverflow

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Dec 26 02:32:38 CST 2005

Ananth M <mekaananth at> wrote:
>       - Stub function is declared in XXXXX_dll.h as  
>               long __stdcall STUB_Add(long, long);
>       -Stub function is defined  in XXXXX_main.c as  
>               long __stdcall STUB_Add(long x, long y)
>               {
>                      printf ("stub function is called \n");
>                      return 0;
>               }
>       In one Application , I used 
>              LoadLibrary("") - to load the dll
>              GetProcAddress("") - to get the function pointer
>            and if I call the function continuously in a loop of for 1000
> times, first 2 calls are success 3rd call  is crashed

How do you define a function pointer? Does it have proper number of arguments/
calling convention? If it looks OK to you but still crashes, perhaps you could
create a sample project which shows the problem and post an url for it here?


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