URLMON: Removed not used code.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Tue Dec 27 16:17:22 CST 2005

Troy Rollo wrote:

>Merely removing unused code does not give you any copyright in the file. On 
>related matters, neither does fixing trivial bugs - there must be some 
>substantial additional expression introduced to a file in order to give rise 
>to a copyright claim. "Substantial" in this case means having expressive 
>substance rather than referring to the size of the change.
>Most of the code you have removed has been intentionally left in because the 
>implementation is still incomplete, but the routines you have removed are 
>there for whoever eventually completes the implementation to build on.
>I am also not sure why you think the INTERNET_SCHEME_FILE case is unused.
Please, look at the code and changelog before witting such
things. I just didn't add copyright in patches I have sent
previously (and now I sent a part of changes I have in my
tree and they included copyright header).
INTERNET_SCHEME_FILE is not used because I've
implemented it in a correct way. I really don't care much if
I am in the copyright header or not.


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